Sometimes it just all comes together.

When XFINITY was preparing to launch their best offer of the year, one of baseball's best was announcing his retirement. So we thought, well, who better to discuss discounts and watching lots of TV than a soon-to-be retiree?

The campaign launched with TV and social tactics across multiple platforms. 

"Retirement" TV

Smart Money Tips with Big Papi

All too familiar with how millions of would-be cord-cutters viewed cable-providers,  XFINITY wanted to show that it was making an effort to provide more value. To do that, we flooded Instagram and Facebook with snackable videos that imparted real-world, money-saving tips with, of course, a Big Papi spin.

View an edited collection of the greatest hits after the jump.


"Smart Money Tips" Social

Case Study

Who says a small campaign can't pack a punch? While we only produced two TV spots, we produced dozens of videos, hundreds of posts and even hosted a Facebook Live event. The results surpassed expectations.

The Case Study