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the mfk

Our first year with Mitsubishi was incredibly frustrating. To let off some steam, my partner and I created a quiz site based on the popular social game, Marry, F@ck, Kill. It became a bit of an obsession. We launched in 2011 and are still going strong thanks to  culture bloggers, the movie "Horrible Bosses 2," and our collective fascination with celebrity. 

keeping it fresh,

Early on, we decided that choices couldn't be obvious. You would have to think, bargain with yourself and entertain interesting compromises.

We also wanted to be inclusive. So while the quiz initially offers you binary choice, you are free to switch teams at any time. We don't judge.

keeping it social,

Because people are used to playing this game at a party or in a small group, we wanted to make our game feel as social as possible. To do that, we added global results after each quiz so people could share quizzes and compare choices.

With design, we wanted to reflect the glossy celebrity blogs that pop in social feeds and provoke conversation at casual dinners and cocktail hours. That meant bright, bold colors and snarky headlines to rival popular sites like JustJared and Dlisted

...and accessorizing

We also developed a broad range of decidedly NSFW tees that are apparently huge hits with bachelorette parties.